By: Michelle M. Saavedra

The most wonderful time of the year is here! We can expect to see Christmas decorations just about everywhere. And don’t get me started on the unofficial holiday song that was released back in 1994 (yes, we are talking about Mariah Carey’s single: “All I want for Christmas is you”). Overall, the holiday season seems to bring joy and family unity around the world. But how is this fact going to help you sell more health insurance?

Agility Agents have learned from us that incorporating trending themes into their online content strategy plan will help them achieve their marketing goals. But before creating any type of content, insurance agents must be able to identify the key traits that characterize their ideal audience. Let’s say that your ideal client likes to listen to carol singers during the holidays, as a content creator, you could potentially create your very own festive song that describes your business and all the services you provide (health insurance, life insurance, etc.). We understand that this process can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting to create content for the first time. Since we want YOU to succeed, we’ve taken the time to identify 5 content pieces that you’ll be able to recreate for the month of December.

1) Happy Holidays!

During the month of December, people are more likely to share their traditions and religious beliefs on social media. Now you’re probably wondering: Should Insurance Agents share their traditions as well? It depends! If you know that 90% of your audience shares the same values as you, then it wouldn’t hurt to share them online. BUT if you have an audience that is more divided, then we recommend utilizing our FREE Happy Holidays Social Media Template. The GIF we created highlights different holiday traditions and family dynamics. If you’re utilizing this specific social media template, we also recommend adding the following caption to your post:

Happy Holidays! Remember, you have until the end of the year to update your health insurance plan. DM or text me at (Add your phone number) to get a FREE quote today!

2) National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day (December 16)

Did you know: The Ugly Christmas Sweater tradition apparently started in the 50’s! “They were first known as “Jingle Bell Sweaters” and featured discrete Christmas themed decorations. The original ugly Christmas sweaters were never intended to be “ugly” , they were actually pretty artistic and joyful”- Placeit by Envato.

Nowadays, people try to purposely wear the ugliest sweater they can find to gain instant gratification from their peers. This would also explain why there is now an official date to celebrate this tradition. Insurance Agents could join this trend by potentially buying or creating their very own ugly sweater and sharing images of it online. If you’re having difficulty coming up with a concept for this day, then we recommend utilizing our National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day Social Media Template.

3) Christmas Gift Ideas

Click here to get FREE access to the Christmas Gift Ideas Social Media Template!

During the holidays it is common to see brands and influencers predict what would be the top 10 Christmas gifts for the current year. Many individuals will end up buying those specific items because they were sponsored by someone or an entity that they considered trustworthy. Insurance Agents should take this opportunity to explain that enrolling a spouse (and even their children) on a 2023 health insurance plan is not just a gift, but a necessity.  With our Christmas Gift Ideas Social Media Template, Agility Agents will not only share gift ideas, but they will deliver a clear-cut message that will inspire the audience to contact them during the holiday season. 

4)    Christmas Day (December 25)

If you’ve seen the original Home Alone movie, you’ll remember the scene where Macaulay Culkin’s character reunites with his mother (played by Catherine O’Hara) on Christmas day. This was a wholesome scene that portrayed what Christmas Day is all about: family unity. Insurance Agents will probably share online an image of their family standing in front of their Christmas tree. While this act may garner attention from your followers, it won’t necessarily boost your sales. If you want to stay on theme this day, we recommend utilizing our Christmas Day Social Media Template.

5) New Year’s Eve (December 31)

This year, December 31st lands on a Saturday. This means that people will have more time to prepare for the festivities and rituals. I would not be surprised if brands created posts about popular New Year’s Eve rituals, like eating a dozen grapes at midnight or running around the street with a suitcase. Some people might even go to social media to share a video of the fireworks they captured outside their balcony. But Agility Agents will capitalize on this moment by sharing our New Year’s Eve Social Media Template.  

We hope that our blog has helped you jumpstart your content calendar plan for the month of December. Remember to be on the lookout for next month’s social media tips and tricks.

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 5 Social Media Content Ideas for September 

By: Michelle M. Saavedra

September usually brings cooler days and nights. This fact also affects the type of content published on social media. During the summertime, insurance agents tend to create content that promotes their travel insurance products. But now that we are getting closer to OEP, insurance agents will start to shift their focus towards Medicare Advantage and ACA products. We believe that life, supplemental and even travel insurance are products that can be sold and promoted throughout the year. Imagine selling an ACA plan and then also having the opportunity to offer dental and vision products to the same client! That’s called working smarter, not harder. Before we start mentioning the 5 content ideas for the month of September, we invite you to get contracted with Agility Insurance Services today! To get started visit or send us an email at

1) Labor Day (September 5)

Click here to get FREE access to the Labor Day Weekend Social Media template! 

Can you believe we’ve celebrated Labor Day for the last 126 years! (Source: International Business Times) Unofficially, people honor this day by sharing selfies near the pool or next to the All-American grill. It’s safe to say that insurance agents and brands will take advantage of the organic engagement this type of content could generate for them. If you plan to utilize our social media template, remember to add at least one of the following hashtags to your social media copy: #LaborDay #LaborDay2022 #LaborDayWeekend 

2) Never forget (September 11)

In the past, brands have incorporated images of the actual Twin Towers into their 9/11 remembrance posts. Do we recommend this strategy? It depends on what exactly you’re trying to communicate. A few years ago, a popular telecommunications company received tremendous backlash when they tried to advertise a mobile device during this period. Some called it tasteless and out of touch. Click here to see the image in question. 

Overall, promoting your services and products is frowned upon during this day. The only posts allowed are those that invite people to share their 9/11 unique stories. Don’t focus on the image that will accompany the post, that’s what our template is here for. Time should be invested into crafting a social media copy that will bring hope and/or invite reflection. If you still don’t know what to write about, then it would be best to skip this type of content post for now.

3) Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19)

Ahoy, Matey! It’s time to put on your boots and join the #TalkLikeAPirate challenge! Insurance agents could use this special occasion to create a one of a kind TikTok video or Instagram Reel. 

The theme? Imitate a conversation you could potentially have with a client or prospect. 

The catch? Talk like a pirate or walk the plank!

 If you’re not comfortable creating video content for your business page, then we invite you to utilize our social media template displayed above.

4) National Comic Book Day (September 25)

Insurance agents that are looking to expand their reach should consider creating shareable content. Afterall, everything on social media comes down to being able to provide unique information or experience in a timely manner. That’s why we’ve created a Multiple-Choice image for #ComicBookDay. This image invites the online audience to share their opinion towards a very simple question. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of it! It can still cause a debate between online users that prefer a more popular option. 

As for the post caption, we recommend our Agility Agents to utilize the following text:

5) Happy Birthday Google (Google’s Birthday) September 27

For the final content piece of the month, we’ve thought it would be ideal to create a post that officially celebrates the birth of the most popular search engine to date…. Mister Google. Thousands of brands and insurance agents will probably create a normal celebratory post. But with our Social Media Template, Agility Agents will be able to utilize an image that will garner the attention of their ideal audience. Just remember to tag us on your post! We might share your post in our Instagram Stories if you do. We hope that our blog has helped you jumpstart your content calendar plan for the month of September. Remember to be on the lookout for next month’s social media tips and tricks.

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 5 Social Media Content Ideas for August

By: Michelle M. Saavedra

Before we start talking about content strategy for the month of August, we have a fun fact we would like to share with our Agility Agents. According to Richmond Times-Dispatch, the month of August was named after the first Roman emperor, Augustus Caesar.

Insurance agents could learn a thing or two from Caesar (not to be confused with Little Caesars). Instead of battling out the usual sales tactics on social media, agents could take the time to create content that strengthens their online presence. One of the best ways to do this is by preparing a thought-out monthly content calendar plan. We’ve taken the necessary steps to identify 5 content pieces that any Agility Agent will be able to recreate and publish during the month of August. 

1) Fun Facts Post

Many insurance agents believe that social media is THE place to promote their services. While this is true, publishing content that only talks about the services they provide will end up hurting their online presence. To succeed, agents will need to start creating content that will inspire the audience to become brand ambassadors. For example, our August Fun Facts Post provides interesting and valuable information to our audience. In return, our audience might spread our message online or by word-of-mouth. When their peers ask for the source, our audience will most likely mention our brand and the services we provide. Indirectly, we’ve reached a new potential client just by sharing historical information!  

2) National Book Lovers Day (August 9)

If you’re an avid social media user, you’ve probably seen posts that display popular or famous quotes. Businesses tend to integrate this type of content into their social media marketing strategy because it’s easy to make and the return can be astronomical. According to Social Media Explorer, this type of post tends to have a higher engagement rate than any other type of content. And publishing a “quotes post” during an event or trending topic could increment your brand’s exposure even more. Agility Agents should take advantage of #BookLoversDay and share a quote of a book that inspired them to join the insurance business.

3)Tell a Joke Day (August 16)

People seem to connect better with brands that have an established voice and dynamic personality. It’s been proven that monotone messages will not get you far in life, and this is also applicable to social media copy. If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to connect with your creative side. Tell a Joke Day is the perfect excuse to start exploring your creativity today! If you’re not sure how to create a post specifically for this topic, just follow our lead with our social media post example.

4) National Senior Citizens Day (August 21) 

Agility Agents that serve the senior community know how important it is to provide a 5-star service. Not only that, but every marketing material displayed or published must comply with the latest CMS Guidelines. If an agent is looking to make a social media post geared towards promoting Medicare Advantage, it is highly recommended to post content that’s been approved by CMS beforehand. Nonetheless, an agent is permitted to publish generic content that will still allow them to connect with their senior clients. A great example of this would be jumping on the #SeniorCitizensDay trend and sharing a nostalgic post like the one we created for our own social media pages.

5) National Tooth Fairy Day (August 22)

In the previous posts we’ve talked about how to create content that can help agents connect with their followers on a more personal level. Now for #ToothFairyDay we ask our Agility Agents to add a copy that promotes supplemental products, specifically dental insurance. If you’re using our social media template the correct answers would be options A & B. (Source: Aha! Parenting)

Not selling dental insurance? Did you know that over 76 million people didn’t have dental insurance last year! (Source: Care Quest)

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide a much-needed service. Click here to get contracted to sell Supplemental Products!

We hope that our blog has helped you jumpstart your content calendar plan for the month of August. Remember to be on the lookout for next month’s social media tips and tricks.

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