National Life Group

After independent review of National Life Group’s financial strength, AM Best has upgraded our financial strength rating to A+ (Superior) from A (Excellent). 


CEO Mehran Assadi called the action “a very strong endorsement of National Life’s financial strength.”

mission is to deliver on our promises,” he said. “This rating upgrade
by a globally respected independent agency is evidence that we will
indeed deliver on our promises.”

In spite of their overall negative outlook on the life industry as a whole, AM Best recognizes that we are strong and will be around to deliver on our promises.

For a company like ours – where our promise is our product – this A+ affirmation is a big deal, a VERY big deal, though not a surprise because we earned this upgrade.

In announcing the upgrade, the rating agency specifically cited:

  • Our very strong balance sheet
  • Our very strong capital position
  • Our strategic initiatives
  • Our strong sales growth
  • Our long history of success in the middle market

View the full press release here.

This upgrade will also significantly improve our Comdex score.

Thank you for everything you do to keep National Life strong!


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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan 2021 Bonus Program

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) is committed to rewarding you for your extra efforts throughout the year with a special bonus program for new Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan sales. It’s our way of saying thank you for all you do.

The Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan Bonus Program includes a tiered bonus schedule based on your production level. The higher the number of Medicare Supplement Insurance policies sold by a writing producer throughout the program period, the higher total payout. 

The total payout maximum is $100,000.

Bonus Amounts Based on Production

There are three bonus-per-policy amounts, depending on the total number of policies sold during the bonus period:• If you sell up to 20 policies, your bonus per policy is $50.• If you sell up to 30 policies, your bonus per policy is $75.• If you sell 31 or more policies, your bonus per policy is $100. 

You must sell a minimum of 5 new policies during the program period to qualify for the bonus. 



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Dear Producers,

The 2022 HCSC Product
certification training will become available in the coming weeks. Once again, it will be housed on the HCSC/CMP platform under the AHIP

The 2022 curriculum will consist of two sections: 

Section 1: AHIP Curriculum

  • Medicare Basics Course
  • Medicare Marketing Course
  • Non-Discrimination Disclosure
  • General Compliance & FWA Course and Exam 


Section 2: HCSC Curriculum

  • Sales Agent Requirements Course
  • HCSC Courses & Exam
  • Producer Certification Form
  • Producer Amendment (where applicable) 


Both sections must be completed by all individual producers and sub-producers including agency principals. Producers and sub-producers must complete all courses
in order to be deemed certified to sell 2022 MAPD/PDP plans.
Sub-producers are only deemed certified once the agency principal has
completed his/her individual and agency certification tasks. 



  • Webinar: Dates to be announced soon! You will receive your invitation to register for the webinar in a separate e-mail. 
  • 2022 AHIP Medicare Training
    will launch on Monday, June 21st. A launch email will be sent on this
    date including the training website link to access Section 1 of the
    certification training. Look out for the launch e-mail for section 2
    soon after. 
Use our Resource Page, your source and guide to certification training. It helps you with:

  • The most up-to-date certification news including dates, requirements and archived emails
  • Information about your login instructions
  • Transferring your AHIP credits to HCSC
  • Useful links

2021 Medicare Curriculum Announcement

The 2021 AHIP course will not be available after June 17th, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. CST.

As of Wednesday, July 7th, producers
seeking to complete the 2021 training will be assigned a dual plan year
curriculum for both 2021 and 2022. The combined curriculum will
satisfy the certification requirement for both 2021 and 2022.


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