CVS-Aetna Branded Obamacare Plans Target 8 States For 2022 Launch

CVS Health is looking to sell individual coverage with the “CVS-Aetna” brand on exchanges under the Affordable Care Act in up to eight states for 2022.

Citing better market conditions and quality low priced health plans it can offer. CVS Health’s Aetna health insurance unit left the ACA’s exchanges four years ago under prior Aetna management along with other insurers that were unable to manage rising costs of uninsured patients signing up for such coverage.

CVS explained the company is just now working with insurance regulators and submitting plans and rates to offer individual coverage under the ACA, which is also known as Obamacare after President Obama. CVS isn’t yet disclosing the states it plans to offer these plans, executives confirmed Tuesday.

The CVS-Aetna move back into the ACA individual business comes under a more supportive White House under President Joe Biden, who was Obama’s vice president when the ACA became law.

Health insurers are already seeing a spike of new individual Obamacare subscribers thanks to new regulations and support to the companies and Americans looking for coverage from the Biden administration. That contrasts with the Donald Trump administration, which attempted to get Congress to repeal the ACA.

CVS sees a large market of Americans that have no coverage and the opportunity to offer a unique product given the company’s network of pharmacies, MinuteClinics, and hundreds of HealthHub store formats.

Here’s what the law means for you: 

  • Almost everyone is required to have health insurance. 
  • Nobody can be denied health insurance coverage. 
  • Most health plans must include preventative care at no cost to you. 
  • For most health plans, your out-of-pocket costs for healthcare can’t exceed a set amount. 
  • You must get a clearly written summary of your benefits and coverage. 
  • Children can stay on the family health plan until they turn 26. 
  • You can buy a health plan through a public exchange, or marketplace. Or you can buy a health plan without going through the public exchange. These plans must cover a defined set of benefits. 
  • If you buy your plan through a public exchange, the government may help you pay for it. 

The law covers most health plans sold today, but some parts don’t apply to plans that were sold before the law was passed.

Visit the Aetna website and Forbes for more information. 
Get contracted and ready to sell Aetna CVS Health plans for 2022! 

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Three ways to engage throughout Life Insurance Awareness Month.

Your clients and prospects have lived through many changes over the
past two years, which have underscored the need for life insurance more
than ever before.

Take this opportunity to reach out and help them understand what “With life insurance, I’ve got you.” might mean to them and to their loved ones.

Three ways to engage throughout Life Insurance Awareness Month:

  1. Check NL Edge for weekly sales ideas.  Each week, we’ll feature a new sales idea in NL Edge to give you new insight and a competitive advantage.
  2. Get social.  Connect with clients and future
    customers using the power of social media. You will find a wealth of
    life insurance themed content available.

  3. Use our abundance of tools and marketing resources.  Looking for an email, flier or other marketing tool on a specific product or idea? We have an eKit for that!


And don’t forget you National Life Group Contracting!


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All broker advertising utilizing Ambetter branding must be submitted for Ambetter approval before use.

Ideally, we are in need of 7-10 days to review. This allows for any necessary revisions and a final round of approval, as well. Co-branded items include, but are not limited to: posters, billboards, video endcards, banner ads, social media posts, radio scripts, etc.

Submit your marketing materials to your Sales Representative. Acceptable artwork/copy formats include: PDF, PNG or Word formats.

If additional edits or changes are needed, the review process will start over at step one.

Upon final approval from Ambetter, you can begin using approved artwork.

View the Broker Co-branding Guidelines
for full guidance on how to use the Ambetter brand. The Broker
Co-branding Guidelines are also available in the broker portal in the
Training Materials section. 

 And don’t forget about your Ambetter Contracting!



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 Bright Healthcare expands for 2022!

  •  New states include Texas, which has the third largest IFP population,
    significantly expanding Bright HealthCare’s total addressable market.
  • The company also announced an expanded product portfolio in states where
    it already does business, including Florida, California, Colorado and
    North Carolina.
  • Bright HealthCare will be the first plan in six years to be added to Covered California, California’s state-based exchange. 

Map represents states covered and is not meant to represent actual
coverage areas, which are county- and in some cases zip-code specific.
All coverage areas are subject to benefit plan approval by the Centers
for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and/or final state regulatory
approval, including requisite state insurance or HMO licensure



MINNEAPOLIS–()–Today, Bright HealthCare, the healthcare financing and distribution business of Bright Health Group
(NYSE: BHG or the “Company”), announced its expansion into several new
states for 2022. It also expanded its product portfolio in states where
it already does business. The planned growth brings Bright HealthCare’s
overall footprint to 17 states and 131 markets nationwide next year
reaching over 16.5 million eligible consumers.

“Across nearly every one of our products and markets consumers are
choosing Bright HealthCare. This shows that our integrated Care Partner
model works.” said Simeon Schindelman, CEO, Bright HealthCare. “Our
continued growth in expansion states like Texas, as well as existing
states like California and Florida is further proof that our
transformative model is not only meeting demand, but more importantly,
lowering healthcare costs and improving quality for consumers while also
building durable, trusting two-way relationships between consumers and
primary care providers.”

Bright HealthCare offers health plans that serve consumers across their
entire life journey, including individual and family, Medicare Advantage
and employer-sponsored plans. These products are built around
Integrated Systems of Care in each market and leverage Bright Health
Group’s proprietary DocSquad™ technology which together have
consistently shown to produce better outcomes.

“Bright Health Group is the nation’s first fully aligned,
technology-enabled, integrated model of care,” said G. Mike Mikan,
Bright Health Group President and CEO. “Our differentiated model is
built on alignment between providers, payors and consumers and is
working together to make healthcare simple, personal, and affordable.”


Bright HealthCare is a diversified healthcare financing and distribution
platform that aggregates and delivers healthcare benefits to over
623,000 consumers through its various lines of business, which include
Individual & Family Health Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans and
Employer Plans. Bright HealthCare also participates in a number of
specialized plans and is the nation’s third largest provider of Chronic
Condition Special Needs Plans (C-SNPs), a health plan that exclusively
serves individuals with severe or disabling chronic conditions. To
manage these complex and vulnerable populations, Bright HealthCare
leverages its intelligent operating system and proprietary DocSquad™
solutions which has consistently shown to produce better outcomes.
Bright HealthCare is part of Bright Health Group (NYSE: BHG). For more
information, visit


Bright Health Group is built upon the belief that by aligning the best
local resources in healthcare delivery with the financing of care we can
drive a superior consumer experience, optimize clinical outcomes,
reduce systemic waste, and lower costs. We are a healthcare company
building a national Integrated System of Care in close partnership with
our Care Partners. Our differentiated approach is built on alignment,
focused on the consumer, and powered by technology. We have two market
facing businesses: NeueHealth and Bright HealthCare. Through NeueHealth,
we deliver high-quality virtual and in-person clinical care to nearly
170,000 patients under value-based contracts through our 44 owned
primary care clinics and support 87 additional affiliated clinics.
Through Bright HealthCare, we offer Commercial and Medicare health plan
products to approximately 663,000 consumers in 14 states and 99 markets
as of June 30, 2021. For 2022, all coverage areas are subject to benefit
plan approval by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
and/or final state regulatory approval, including requisite state
insurance or HMO licensure approvals. We are making healthcare right.
Together. For more information, visit

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Health Care Service Corporation Launches Biggest Expansion of Medicare Advantage Plans in Company’s History

Medicare-Eligible Beneficiaries Have Greater Choice Of Medicare Products Through Expanded Footprint in Over 90 New Counties

CHICAGO — Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), which operates health plans in Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, announced the company is increasing its footprint in the Medicare Advantage market to serve more than 90 new counties, increasing access to new coverage options for more than 1.1M additional Medicare-eligible individuals. The expansion is the company’s largest service area and product expansion in its history, particularly in rural and underserved areas.

HCSC’s Medicare Advantage plans allow Medicare eligible individuals greater flexibility and choice in coverage, offering enhanced benefits and greater value. Premiums can vary by geography, including some $0 premium HMO and PPO plan offerings. Medicare Advantage plans may also provide additional benefits beyond traditional Medicare, including (or the option to purchase) dental, vision, and hearing coverage at a variety of price points in a simple and easy to understand plan design.

“We are delighted to be offering Medicare plans in more counties than at any point in our history; bringing greater access to care than ever before to more Medicare beneficiaries across our five states, with some gaining access to such plans for the very first time,” said Christine Kourouklis, president of Medicare, HCSC. “For more than 90 years, HCSC has been dedicated to expanding access to high-quality, cost-effective health care. This expansion continues our focus on that longstanding commitment by broadening our Medicare footprint.”

Through this expansion, HCSC is focusing beyond major metropolitan areas to provide needed access and choice to the rising population of those aging into Medicare– projected to increase to nearly 80 million people nationwide over the next decade, according the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

“We’ve chosen expansion markets very carefully to select areas where we are confident we can successfully leverage our strong reputation and the strength of our relationships with doctors and hospitals, as well as offering coverage for new potential customers,” said Nathan Linsley, senior vice president, Government Programs, HCSC. “Our Medicare Advantage plans will continue to provide greater choice, emphasize affordability, and are designed to help Medicare beneficiaries meet their health, lifestyle, and financial goals.”

To accommodate the expansion, HCSC significantly increased its broad network, adding 19,000 physicians and 2,800 hospitals and other medical facilities across its five states.

HCSC is in the process of seeking all necessary regulatory approvals in its targeted states for 2022. The Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan Annual Election Period (AEP) starts October 15, 2021 and ends December 7, 2021. For more information, visit

Press release by: Jori Fine, Health Care Service Corporation


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Enroll in different plans on the same application

With Multiple Enrollment Groups, it’s easy to place applicants in different plans on the same application. 


When it may be useful to select multiple plans for a single application

  • When applicants have different health needs

  • When applicants have different provider needs

  • When applicants have different prescription drug needs

Summary of how it works

  • After filling out the application, you’ll be able to shop different plans for different applicants

  • Applicants on their own plan have their own separate premium payment, deductible, out-of-pocket max.

  • If any applicants are on the same plan, they’ll be in a “group” – on the same premium payment, family deductible, and family out-of-pocket max.

  • The subsidy for the household will be portioned out between applicants using a formula from CMS. If an applicant doesn’t use all of their subsidy portion, it goes to the other applicants.

How to access Multiple Enrollment Groups

You’ll have access to shop Multiple Enrollment Groups after you’ve done the application, not during Quoting.

The easiest way to access Multiple Enrollment Groups is through our EDE application flow – but it’s also possible on the double-direct application flow.

At the end of the EDE flow, you’ll reach the Eligibility Results page. If you haven’t already chosen a plan, you’ll see the “Shop Multiple Plans” button at the bottom.

You’ll also always have access to shop multiple plans from the final Confirm Plans page. (This is where you’ll see the link for the first time if you’ve done a double-redirect application.)

If you haven’t already selected multiple plans, you can do so here with the “Shop multiple plans” button. If you have already selected multiple plans, you can edit the plans with the “Change plans” button.

Group shopping

When you click the Shop Multiple Plans button, you’ll land here on the Group Shopping page. First, select which applicants you’d like to shop for, then press “Choose a plan.”

From there you’ll be taken to the Plan List where you can shop plans for those selected applicants. As you shop, you’ll see the subsidy portion for those particular applicants applied to the plans (using the per-applicant subsidy formula from CMS). Add the chosen plan to your cart and press “Choose plan” from the cart to be taken back to the Group Shopping page.

Any applicants that have the same plan selected will be put into a “group” – meaning the same premium payment, family deductible, and family out-of-pocket max (just like normal). This grouping is made more clear on the Confirm Plans page.

Once you’ve shopped for everyone, click “Continue” to proceed to the Confirm Plans page, where you’ll see all the plans and groupings you’ve selected.


Here’s how multiple plans appear in your Dashboard after the enrollment is done.

  • After you submit the enrollment, on the Success page, you’ll see multiple payment buttons – one per group.

  • On the Client Profiles, you’ll also see multiple payment buttons – one per group.

  • On the Client Profiles, all “Change plans” buttons will point to the Group Shopping page.

  • On the Client List, you’ll see the plan selected by the primary applicant. Click into the Client Profile to see all the plans.


  • The subsidy for the household will be portioned out between applicants using a formula from CMS – mostly determined by age of applicant.

  • When you shop for multiple plans, you’ll see the subsidy portion for the applicants you’re shopping for only.

  • If particular applicants don’t use all of their subsidy, that overflow subsidy is applied to other applicants. This overflow subsidy is only visible once you get to the Confirm Plans page – it’s not visible during shopping.


  • If the primary applicant’s plan qualifies as a referral, all plans chosen will refer. If it doesn’t, then none will. This is necessary because CMS only allows a single AOR per application.

Edge cases

Here are how certain rare scenarios are handled:

  • People who live in different zip codes can’t shop the same plans, and therefore can’t be in a group together.

  • Some plans have special rules that prevent certain people from being in the same group. For example, some may require that applicants reside together to be in a group together. In these cases, we’ll just split them into different groups automatically, while still allowing them to enroll in the plans. If this happens, you’ll see it in the groupings that show on the Confirm Plans page.

  • If you want to use Multiple Enrollment Groups on an application, you can’t choose a Catastrophic plan for anyone on the application. This is a CMS rule.

  • If you’re enrolling people in a group where some people qualify for CSR and other’s don’t, then the whole group won’t get a CSR – this is a CMS rule.

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CMS News Room Fact Sheet

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) reports that since the Special Enrollment Period became available on on February 15, more than 1.5 million Americans have enrolled in health coverage at 

 Additionally, more than 2.5 million current
enrollees have returned to the Marketplace to find average savings of
over $40 per month, compared to their premiums prior to the ARP
implementation. The table below shows the average premiums and savings
by state before and after additional American Rescue Plan subsidies
became available on April 1 through June 30.  

Current Marketplace enrollees can review their
application anytime to make any needed changes to their current
information, submit their application, and reselect their current plan,
to ensure they maximize their savings for Marketplace coverage for the
rest of 2021.

There are several ways to apply and enroll into affordable health coverage:

  • Use to apply online.
  • Call the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596, which provides
    assistance in over 200 languages. TTY users should call 1-855-889-4325.
  • Find local help through an agent/broker or assistant in your area at
Premium Savings for Returning Consumers’ DUE to the American Rescue Plan (through 6/30/2021)
State Average Pre ARP Net Premium Average Post ARP Net Premium Average Savings Due to ARP Total $104 $62 -40%
AK $154 $87 -44%
AL $120 $70 -42%
AR $168 $96 -43%
AZ $179 $110 -39%
DE $197 $118 -40%
FL $73 $41 -44%
GA $93 $51 -45%
HI $198 $124 -37%
IA $146 $74 -49%
IL $217 $148 -32%
IN $229 $150 -34%
KS $158 $97 -39%
KY $185 $112 -40%
LA $192 $125 -35%
ME $165 $98 -41%
MI $167 $108 -35%
MO $139 $83 -40%
MS $79 $39 -51%
MT $184 $113 -39%
NC $107 $61 -43%
ND $126 $71 -44%
NE $109 $53 -51%
NH $206 $135 -35%
NM $175 $110 -37%
OH $210 $139 -33%
OK $89 $50 -44%
OR $217 $145 -33%
SC $116 $72 -37%
SD $133 $73 -45%
TN $129 $77 -40%
TX $84 $52 -38%
UT $75 $44 -42%
VA $142 $82 -42%
WI $177 $103 -42%
WV $262 $178 -32%
WY $111 $61 -45%    


 Medicare Contracting & Certifications are Available here!

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We’re excited to share Devoted Health’s PY2022 Benefits First Look presentation.

As you know, AEP will be here before you know it.  

So if you haven’t already done so, you can get certified for 2022 here right on our very own Agent Portal (new agents should reach out to your upline agency or Agent Support for a unique link).

We don’t want you to miss out on any enrollment opportunities in the
coming months.  We are thrilled to be on this journey with you,
servicing and exceeding your clients’ health care needs. 

Keep in mind, our plan benefits are pending CMS approval and
redistribution of this presentation is strictly prohibited prior to
October 1, 2021
(remember: CMS does not allow benefits for the upcoming plan year to be shared or advertised prior to October 1).

Agent & Broker Devoted Health Contracting >

And don’t forget to checkout the Devoted Medicare Resources page here!

Information provided by: Your Devoted Health Team.


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It’s not exactly Deja Vu, but close! Just like Q2 you have the flexibility to earn more in Q3 with TWO ways to earn and maximize your sales with eligible products!


But you must Register (again) to be eligible — Register Today!

1st Way: TriTerm Medical
(Nearly 3-year term — longest term length available in the short-term market!)
Earn with your first TriTerm Medical application!
Then earn more as you have more business submitted and issued!
TriTerm Medical Plans 1-4 apps 5-9 apps 10-14 apps 15+ apps
Copay, Plan 80, Plan 100 $100 $200 $300 $350
Value, Hospital & Surgical $50 $100 $200 $250

2nd-Way: Short Term Medical
& Health ProtectorGuard
Submit and have issued any combination of 10 Short Term Medical and/or Health ProtectorGuard applications and you can earn a bonus starting with the first app.
Short Term Medical
(min. 12-month term1)
Short Term Medical
(6-11 mo. Term2)
Health ProtectorGuard $100

But wait… there’s one more way: Earn more on eligible ancillary plans!

you’ve submitted and have issued any combination of 10 TriTerm Medical
plans, Short Term Medical, and Health ProtectorGuard plans, during the
incentive period, then you are eligible to earn $30 for every submitted and issued3:

  • Dental
  • Critical Illness
  • Accident (SafeGuard, ProGuard Series)
  • HealthiestYou (telehealth)
  • New Benefits (discount plan with telehealth) – added for 3Q!

Our best plans are available to help your clients find coverage that works best for them and you have the freedom to earn a little more in a way that works best for your business!

Submit eligible product applications between Aug. 1, 2021 – Oct. 31, 2021.
If issued by Nov. 15, 2021 and meet eligibility requirements, then
you’ll earn more for your efforts! You must register to be eligible to


And don’t forget to get contracted with available supplemental products and carriers >


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July 20th, 2021, Richardson, TX -Agility Insurance Services is proud to announce and welcome Verisk Financial as a partner. 

Verisk Financial G2 has promoted safer, more profitable commerce globally since 2004. This company helps digital commerce clients distinguish high quality merchants and advertisers from bad actors.

The G2 Health Insurance Provider Certification service extends their experience and expertise in vetting and monitoring players in the healthcare industry. The G2 certification service opens the door to online health insurance advertising and builds trust with your customers.   

This partnership will allow health insurance providers to get certified and licensed to advertise health and medical insurance coverage with Google in all relevant jurisdictions. G2’s certification and ongoing monitoring is required to verify that you are licensed to sell health insurance in each state or locale where you do business.

G2 Health Insurance Providers Certification opens the door to online health insurance advertising with Google by confirming all necessary licensing and requirements are in place and current.

Get Contracted Today with Top ACA Insurance Carriers!

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