July 20th, 2021, Richardson, TX -Agility Insurance Services is proud to announce and welcome Verisk Financial as a partner. 

Verisk Financial G2 has promoted safer, more profitable commerce globally since 2004. This company helps digital commerce clients distinguish high quality merchants and advertisers from bad actors.

The G2 Health Insurance Provider Certification service extends their experience and expertise in vetting and monitoring players in the healthcare industry. The G2 certification service opens the door to online health insurance advertising and builds trust with your customers.   

This partnership will allow health insurance providers to get certified and licensed to advertise health and medical insurance coverage with Google in all relevant jurisdictions. G2’s certification and ongoing monitoring is required to verify that you are licensed to sell health insurance in each state or locale where you do business.

G2 Health Insurance Providers Certification opens the door to online health insurance advertising with Google by confirming all necessary licensing and requirements are in place and current.

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