The 2022-2023 Open Enrollment Season saw more than 16.3 million people sign up for healthcare coverage, a new record that signaled the continuing need for access to quality healthcare and the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) continued success in providing that access. The enrollment period ran from November 1, 2022 to January 15, 2023, and was the fifth consecutive period in which more than 10 million people signed up for coverage. This year’s record-breaking number also signals the success of the Biden administration’s efforts to promote healthcare access and increase the number of ACA enrollments.

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During a CMS National Stakeholder call, the omnibus spending plans were discussed as it relates to the recent spending plan proposed by Congress that would allow states to resume Medicaid continuous enrollment unwinding after the end of the first quarter of 2023. This post outlines a few key points about the unwinding of the Medicaid continuous enrollment requirement and the associated provisions in the bipartisan spending plan.

The proposed law makes it clear that states can take up to a full year to initiate all renewals. CMS has previously issued guidance allowing states up to 14 months to resume routine eligibility and enrollment processes; 12 months to initiate renewals and an additional two months to complete the process.

Extended federal funding will help states avoid the fiscal cliff. In the first quarter of 2023, states will continue to receive the 6.2 percentage point increase in the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP). The increased FMAP is phased down for the remaining quarters in 2023 for states that meet requirements.

In order to qualify for the ongoing FMAP bump, states must meet certain maintenance of effort requirements, including using the temporary Section 1902(e(14)(A) flexibilities to smooth out the unwinding and avoid procedural un-enrollments or other processes and procedures approved by CMS. States must also meet specific data reporting requirements.

States must make a good-faith effort to locate enrollees for whom mail has been returned. Attempts must be made to ensure that it has up-to-date contact information using the National Change of Address Database Maintained by the United State Postal Service, other public program information, or other reliable sources of contact information. Additionally, the state may not disenroll anyone on the basis of returned mail until the state has made a good-faith effort to contact the individual using more than one communication mode.

Congress establishes state unwinding data reporting requirements and establishes penalties for non-compliance. If a state does not meet specific reporting requirements, it will be penalized with a reduction in its FMAP. Furthermore, CMS guidelines have been given additional authority to hold states.

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Cigna 2022 Open Enrollment Bonus 

Cigna Broker Bonus Schedule for 2022 Open Enrollment 

Market Bonus Programs 

  • Georgia, Mississippi, Pennsylvania

    • Tier 1: 25-49 – $35 

    • Tier 2: 50-99 – $50

    • Tier 3: 100-399 – $75 

    • Tier 4: 400+ – $100

  • Colorado, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia

    • Tier 1: 50-99 – $30

    • Tier 2: 100-249 – $40 

    • Tier 3: 250-499 – $70

    • Tier 4: 500+ – $100

  • Arizona, Missouri, Utah 

    • Tier 1: 50-99 members – $25 per member 

    • Tier 2: 100-199 members – $35 per member 

    • 200+ members – $45 per member 

Retention Bonus Programs 

  • Tennessee, Virginia

    • Tier 1: 25-49 members – $10 per member 

    • Tier 2: 50-149 members – $20 per member

    • Tier 3: 150-299 members – $35 per member

    • Tier 4: 300+ members – $50 per member

  • Florida 

    • Tier 1: 25-49 members – $10 per member 

    • Tier 2: 50-199 members – $20 per member

    • Tier 3: 200-399 members – $35 per member

    • Tier 4: 400+ members – $50 per member

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2021 Producer Special Enrollment Period Bonus

Individual and Family Plans: Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company

Program rules: 

Bonus is based on new sales submitted from February 15th to May 31st (from February 8th to May 31st in Colorado) for policies effective as of 6/1/21. In order for sales to qualify, customers must make initial payment and be in active status. 

 Producer must submit a minimum of seven new SEP customers. At that time, any new medical sales bonus due will be paid, starting from the first 2021 SEP application. Customer plan changes do not qualify. 

Bonus program is based on number of customers submitted at the agent level. Customer counts will be capped at six customers per policy.  

Eligible products include all IFP medical products in all markets. 

Cigna reserves the right to charge bonuses back if brokers have over 15% of their membership leave the plan or not maintain continuous coverage for the first four months of their policy contract. 

Cigna will offset any over payment against other compensation due and payable to producer.






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 President Biden announced that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid
Services (CMS) is extending access to the Special Enrollment Period
(SEP) until August 15 – giving consumers additional time to take
advantage of new savings through the American Rescue

This action provides new and current enrollees an additional
three months to enroll or re-evaluate their coverage needs with
increased tax credits available to reduce premiums.

“Every American deserves access to quality, affordable health care –
especially as we fight back against the COVID-19 pandemic,” said HHS
Secretary Xavier Becerra. “Through this Special Enrollment Period, the
Biden Administration is giving the American people
the chance they need to find an affordable health care plan that works
for them. The American Rescue Plan will bring costs down for millions of
Americans, and I encourage consumers to visit and sign
up for a plan before August 15.”

As a result of the American Rescue Plan, additional savings will be
available for consumers through starting April 1. These
savings will decrease premiums for many, on average, by $50 per person
per month and $85 per policy per month. On average,
one out of four enrollees on will be able to upgrade to a
higher plan category that offers better out of pocket costs at the same
or lower premium compared to what they’re paying today. 

Consumers who want to access the SEP to enroll in coverage and see if
they qualify for financial help to reduce the cost of monthly premiums,
can visit
to view 2021 plans and prices and enroll in a plan that best meets their needs. Additionally, consumers can call the

Marketplace Call Center
at 1-800-318-2596, which provides assistance
in over 150 languages. TTY users should call 1-855-889-4325.  Consumers
can also find a local assister or agent/broker in their area:


Consumers who are eligible and enroll under the SEP will be able to
select a plan with coverage that could start as soon as the first month
after plan selection. Current enrollees will be able to change to any
plan available to them in their area. To take
advantage of the SEP, current enrollees should review their application
and make changes, if needed, to their current information and submit
their application in order to receive an updated eligibility result.

Additionally, beginning in early July on, consumers
who have received or have been determined eligible to receive
unemployment compensation for any week during 2021 may be able to get
another increase in savings when enrolling in new Marketplace
coverage or updating their existing Marketplace application and
enrollment. These savings to be made available starting in early July
for eligible consumers are in addition to the increased savings
available to consumers on starting April 1.

The SEP is currently available to consumers in the 36 states that use the
platform. Consumers served by State-based
Marketplaces that use their own platform can check their state’s website
to find out more information on Special Enrollment Periods in their

To see how the American Rescue Plan will bring down health care costs and expand on the Affordable Care Act, visit:

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The short version: Most states are launching a “Covid SEP” where your clients will not need a Qualifying Life Event to enroll. This starts February 15th and ends May 15th.







So, this is just like an Open Enrollment Period—where unenrolled clients
can get enrolled, and currently enrolled clients can change plans.

The long version:

From February 15th – May 15th, 2021, the 36 states using the Federal Marketplace, and several other states, will allow consumers to enroll without having to verify a Life Change (also known as a “Qualifying Life Event”) as they normally would when enrolling outside of Open Enrollment.

How it works

When you enroll a client who does not have a Life Change, simply don’t select a Life Change on the application. If the client does have a legitimate Life Change, you should select it—during this Covid SEP, they will not need to provide any follow-up documentation to prove their Life Change.

If your client has a birth or adoption Life Change, be sure to select it, so that the coverage effective date will backdate to the birth/adoption date.

State details

Some of the states which operate their own exchanges (SBMs) are also participating in this Covid SEP. Here’s the list – we’ve bolded states that have different date ranges:

  • California: Feb 15th – May 15th (no life change required for uninsured people only)
  • Colorado: Feb 8th – March 14th (no life change required for uninsured people only)
  • Connecticut: Feb 16th – May 15th (no life change required for uninsured people only)
  • Maryland: Now – March 15th (no life change required for uninsured people only)
  • Massachusetts: Feb 15th – May 23rd
  • Minnesota: Feb 15th – May 15th
  • New Jersey: Feb 15th – May 15th
  • New York: Feb 15th – March 31st (no life change required for uninsured people only)
  • Nevada: Feb 15th – May 15th
  • Pennsylvania: Feb 15th – May 15th
  • Rhode Island: Feb 15th – May 15th
  • Vermont: February 16th – May 14th (no life change required for uninsured people only – and must be done over the phone, not online)
  • Washington: Feb 15th – May 15th
  • Washington DC: Feb 15th – May 15th


How do I change plans for a currently-enrolled client?

To change plans for a currently-enrolled client, go to their Client Profile page by clicking their name or the View button:

The Client Profile will show a “Report changes” and “Change plans” button if the client is still within their window to change plans. If not, it will only show the “Report changes” button:

If you want to change plans without updating the application – click Change Plans if it’s there. If it’s not, then click Report Changes, go through the application without changing anything, change the plan, then submit the application.

If you want to change plans and also update the application – click Report Changes, go through the application and make any changes needed, change the plan, then submit the application.

When is the effective date?

There will be accelerated coverage dates, meaning as long as the enrollment is submitted before the end of the month, the coverage effective date will be the 1st of the following month. The earliest effective date for this SEP is March 1st, unless the client qualifies for a retroactive effective date (e.g. due to birth or adoption).

Can I shop early?

You can browse plans now if you’d like to get a head start. But, if you plan to submit without a life change, then wait until February 15th to submit the application.

Why is this Enrollment Period happening?

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) determined that the COVID-19 emergency presents exceptional circumstances for consumers in accessing health insurance. Because of this emergency, they’re providing a Special Enrollment Period for individuals and families to apply and enroll in the coverage they need.

Written by Jeff Kriege

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