Your Texas clients need to understand your options when it comes to health insurance. With the changing landscape of healthcare, it’s essential for consumers to know if they are eligible for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). It’s also important for your customers to understand their Aetna Medicare options in Texas.

A special enrollment period is a window of time outside of the annual Open Enrollment Period when a customer can enroll in a health plan. A qualifying event, such as the birth of a child, a move, or a change in employment typically triggers the SEP period.

The following are specific SEPs in Texas:

  1. Disaster SEP: If a customer is affected by a major disaster declared by the President, they may be eligible for a Disaster SEP.
  2. Medicaid/CHIP SEP: Medicaid and CHIP provide free or low-cost health coverage to eligible children in Texas. If a consumer is eligible, they may enroll in a Medicaid/CHIP SEP all year round.
  3. SEP for Indian tribes: If your client is a member of a federally recognized Indian tribe, they may be eligible for a SEP all year round.
  4. SEP for Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) Corporations: If someone is an Alaska Native, they may be eligible for a SEP all year round.
  5. General SEP: This SEP is available to individuals who didn’t enroll during the Open Enrollment Period and are not eligible for any of the other SEPs listed above.
If your Aetna Medicare customers are eligible for a SEP, they may need to act quickly. You typically have 60 days from the event to enroll in a health plan.

If your customers are considering enrolling in an Aetna Medicare plan in Texas, they may be eligible for a SEP. Aetna offers a range of Medicare plans with different levels of coverage, so you can help them find the plan that best fits your needs.

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The Temporary Special Enrollment Period (SEP) is a crucial aspect of healthcare for consumers who have lost their Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) coverage. With the unwinding of the Medicaid continuous enrollment condition, many people are losing access to these important programs, putting their health and well-being at risk.

The Temporary SEP provides a lifeline to these consumers by allowing them to enroll in a new health insurance plan outside of the standard enrollment period. This gives them the opportunity to secure the coverage they need, even if they have missed the regular deadline for enrollment.

To be eligible for the Temporary SEP, consumers must have lost their Medicaid or CHIP coverage due to the unwinding of the Medicaid continuous enrollment condition. They must also be seeking new health insurance coverage through an insurance service like Agility Insurance Services.

The Temporary SEP is a time-limited opportunity, and consumers should act quickly to enroll in a new health insurance plan. They can do this by reaching out to Agility Insurance agents.

It’s important to note that the Temporary SEP is only available to consumers who have lost their Medicaid or CHIP coverage due to the unwinding of the Medicaid continuous enrollment condition. If consumers have lost their coverage for another reason, they may not be eligible for the Temporary SEP and may need to enroll during the next open enrollment period.

Consumers who take advantage of the Temporary SEP can choose from a range of health insurance plans that meet their needs and budget. They may be eligible for financial assistance to help pay for their insurance premiums, and can also compare plans to find the one that best meets their needs.

In conclusion, the Temporary SEP is a valuable opportunity for consumers who have lost their Medicaid or CHIP coverage due to the unwinding of the Medicaid continuous enrollment condition. It provides a lifeline to these consumers, giving them the chance to secure the health insurance coverage they need. By taking advantage of the Temporary SEP, they can protect their health and well-being, and ensure they have access to the care they need.

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 President Biden announced that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid
Services (CMS) is extending access to the Special Enrollment Period
(SEP) until August 15 – giving consumers additional time to take
advantage of new savings through the American Rescue

This action provides new and current enrollees an additional
three months to enroll or re-evaluate their coverage needs with
increased tax credits available to reduce premiums.

“Every American deserves access to quality, affordable health care –
especially as we fight back against the COVID-19 pandemic,” said HHS
Secretary Xavier Becerra. “Through this Special Enrollment Period, the
Biden Administration is giving the American people
the chance they need to find an affordable health care plan that works
for them. The American Rescue Plan will bring costs down for millions of
Americans, and I encourage consumers to visit and sign
up for a plan before August 15.”

As a result of the American Rescue Plan, additional savings will be
available for consumers through starting April 1. These
savings will decrease premiums for many, on average, by $50 per person
per month and $85 per policy per month. On average,
one out of four enrollees on will be able to upgrade to a
higher plan category that offers better out of pocket costs at the same
or lower premium compared to what they’re paying today. 

Consumers who want to access the SEP to enroll in coverage and see if
they qualify for financial help to reduce the cost of monthly premiums,
can visit
to view 2021 plans and prices and enroll in a plan that best meets their needs. Additionally, consumers can call the

Marketplace Call Center
at 1-800-318-2596, which provides assistance
in over 150 languages. TTY users should call 1-855-889-4325.  Consumers
can also find a local assister or agent/broker in their area:


Consumers who are eligible and enroll under the SEP will be able to
select a plan with coverage that could start as soon as the first month
after plan selection. Current enrollees will be able to change to any
plan available to them in their area. To take
advantage of the SEP, current enrollees should review their application
and make changes, if needed, to their current information and submit
their application in order to receive an updated eligibility result.

Additionally, beginning in early July on, consumers
who have received or have been determined eligible to receive
unemployment compensation for any week during 2021 may be able to get
another increase in savings when enrolling in new Marketplace
coverage or updating their existing Marketplace application and
enrollment. These savings to be made available starting in early July
for eligible consumers are in addition to the increased savings
available to consumers on starting April 1.

The SEP is currently available to consumers in the 36 states that use the
platform. Consumers served by State-based
Marketplaces that use their own platform can check their state’s website
to find out more information on Special Enrollment Periods in their

To see how the American Rescue Plan will bring down health care costs and expand on the Affordable Care Act, visit:

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