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Molina’s premium payment portals have transitioned to our new vendor HealthPlan Services (HPS).

Please review our new Payment Guide for more information about our revamped payment platform and user flow.

New Molina Payment Guide

We are not currently able to take payments through our MyMolina member portal, but the functionality should be available again soon. Also, recent enrollment changes and payment updates are not reflecting on some members accounts yet. Please check back on their accounts tomorrow. Additionally, please let us know if you run into any other issues with the updated functionality.


We appreciate your patience as we upgrade our Enrollment, Premium Billing and Payment systems.


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2021 Producer Special Enrollment Period Bonus

Individual and Family Plans: Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company

Program rules: 

Bonus is based on new sales submitted from February 15th to May 31st (from February 8th to May 31st in Colorado) for policies effective as of 6/1/21. In order for sales to qualify, customers must make initial payment and be in active status. 

 Producer must submit a minimum of seven new SEP customers. At that time, any new medical sales bonus due will be paid, starting from the first 2021 SEP application. Customer plan changes do not qualify. 

Bonus program is based on number of customers submitted at the agent level. Customer counts will be capped at six customers per policy.  

Eligible products include all IFP medical products in all markets. 

Cigna reserves the right to charge bonuses back if brokers have over 15% of their membership leave the plan or not maintain continuous coverage for the first four months of their policy contract. 

Cigna will offset any over payment against other compensation due and payable to producer.






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Don’t miss the chance to enroll new and existing clients in more affordable coverage!

Learn how much your clients in Texas can save with the recent expansion of APTC subsidy eligibility. See below for an example of how the subsidy changes would impact a 40-year-old at 150% of the FPL on a Bronze Classic Next 2 Plan in each county of Texas.

 Click here to download the PDF with Full Details >


Get Contracted To Sell Oscar Today >

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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) is excited to announce that we have a new bonus program for special enrollment period (SEP) sales. This bonus is separate from and in addition to the 50/50 bonus program announced last fall


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 More Time to Earn More from Bright.

Bright HealthCare has officially extended the Bright Broker Bonus Program to June. The Broker Bonus Program is applicable to all New Individual and Family Plan members that you enroll in a current effectuated plan – on- or off-exchange – with an effective date on or before June 1st, 2021. This program is intended for Broker participation only and will be paid in July 2021.



Get contracted with Bright Healthcare Now >



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Earn your Teepee Builder Badge and Earn More Money too! 


Molina Healthcare is excited to announce an Agent Bonus for New 2021 SEP Members.



Check out the details and terms and conditions below…. 


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Humana Digital Marketing & Virtual Sales  
Now that you’re contracted with Humana… What’s next? 

Chances are, you’re doing more online than you have before whether
it’s grocery shopping, visiting the doctor, or meeting with clients. In
fact, transitioning to virtual client interactions is imperative to help
them stay safe and healthy in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

know that changing how you work overnight may sound overwhelming at first, but chances are, you’ve made big, perhaps even scarier or
uncomfortable changes before, which means you’re adaptable.
Transitioning to virtual sales this AEP is a must for your Book of
Business and for the well-being of your clients. You’re not alone in
this transition. 

Humana can help you transition your workflow from
in-person to remote. What you do stays the same even if how you do it
changes. You don’t have to lose your personal touch just because you’ve
moved client interactions online. In fact, maintaining that humanity
will only help you in the digital realm. Let’s dive in.

Sales-cycle basics

First, we want to properly set the stage, so you understand the
terminology we’ll be using, and how the various parts of the sales cycle
work together. It’s important to note that the same sales cycle stages
apply whether you’re online or offline. What changes is the ways you work in each
stage from in-person to digital. The typical Agent sales
cycle includes these four stages:

  1. Lead generation: finding prospects through marketing, referrals and events.
  2. Sales: understanding the prospect’s or client’s needs and finding and then presenting the right plan for them.
  3. Enrollment: using Humana’s online tools to enroll prospects or clients in their chosen plan.
  4. Post-enrollment: regular client follow-up, retention tactics to
    nurture clients and asking clients to tell friends and family about you.

Older adults continue to adopt technology

Forget the clichés you’ve heard about older adults and technology. The fact is, older adults are online:

If you’re not online, you could be missing out on a large portion of the Medicare-eligible population.

Lead generation

Generating leads is key to building your sales pipeline. Here are three ways you can generate leads:

1. Marketing

Marketing builds awareness and engagement for you and your services.
It’s what you say about yourself and the images you share. Marketing
includes, but is not limited to, the types of online and offline
communication channels below. As more and more people move online out of
both necessity and convenience, you should focus your marketing on
digital channels; however, traditional marketing remains important and
should still be a part of your marketing strategy.

  • Online marketing channels:
    • Website (External Partner Agents only)
    • Social media*
    • Email
  • Offline marketing channels:
    • Direct mail
    • Advertising (online or offline)
    • Posters and flyers in the community

If you’re new to digital marketing, choose one or two channels to
start with. Once you get the hang of those channels, you can add others. If
you’re looking for tips on creating a website or developing a social
media* presence, read this. If you’re looking for ways to maximize your social media* efforts, read this. The resources below can help you get started and maximize your efforts.

Marketing Resource Center
(MRC) is your one-stop shop for pre-approved, fully customizable and
ready-to-use digital and traditional marketing materials for:

  • Digital marketing:
    • Social media posts*
    • Email templates
  • Traditional marketing:
    • Direct mail: postcards, letters and more
    • Print advertisements: posters, flyers and ads
    • Sales support: conversation guides

Email and/or mail materials directly to your Book of Business from
the MRC. You can also download materials. External Partner Agents can
earn 10 Reach Rewards** points for every MRC material download or 30 points for every MRC order placement (Reach Rewards limits per month apply). Learn more about which sales and engagement activities earn Reach Rewards points here.

The MRC features both carrier-agnostic and Humana-branded materials
as well as audience-specific pieces for dual-eligible, Veteran and
Spanish-speaking prospects and clients with local-market features. Our
MRC article gives you a brief download on everything that’s new with the
MRC this AEP.

MRC Social Media Tool* helps to take the guesswork
out of social media* marketing with ready-to-post content you can
customize with your contact information. Since 2012, Facebook* use among seniors has grown exponentially, so it provides an opportunity to converse and connect with your existing Book of Business while generating new leads.[4] Plus, our educational resources will help you make the most of this channel*:

2. Events

Events, whether in-person or online, can help you reach new audiences
and collaborate with local organizations and businesses. Events include
educational presentations about health and wellness tips to Medicare
101 talks, as well as grassroots activities such as a table or a booth at
a local business, fair or market. Virtual events, just like in-person
events, help you connect with prospects and clients in an authentic and
engaging way. While you lose that face-to-face interaction, you might be
able to increase attendance through virtual events as those who
otherwise couldn’t come due to having transportation or mobility issues
can now participate. Virtual events still let you showcase your
personality and services to build your brand. Virtual events typically
occur through a video-conference platform like WebEx. Just because the
place you’re giving the presentation from is different doesn’t mean the
way you give that presentation or how you interact with attendees has to
change. It’s the same event as before, it’s just online.

3. Referrals

Referrals or word-of-mouth recommendations from your existing Book of Business can play an integral part in generating leads. Of
all Americans, 83 percent say that a word-of-mouth recommendation from a
friend or family member makes them more likely to purchase that product
or service



Selling is problem-solving. It’s discovering what challenges your
prospects and clients face and finding the right solutions to meet their
unique needs. Whether you do the discovery and solutions presentation
over the phone, on a video conference, or in person, the end goal is the
same: finding a solution that helps your prospect or client select the best
plan for their needs. How you do that might differ slightly between the
phone, a video conference, or in person. We’ve developed these resources
to help you in various remote or virtual sales situations:



Going paperless with enrollment could be good for you and your
clients. Online enrollment tools can help make the enrollment process
faster. With Humana’s online enrollment tools, you can use them on any
device or operating system and even print applications for hard-copy
records. Humana’s suite of online enrollment tools helps you before,
during and after enrollment.

Before enrollment

Mobile-friendly Digital Marketing Materials
let you email required sales materials to prospects and clients before a
sales appointment with the new pre-appointment email. Now with
end-to-end Spanish experience and Veterans and dual-eligible-focused
content, you can better communicate with specific audiences.

During enrollment

Enrollment Hub makes online enrollment easier and faster with prefilled CMS data and an end-to-end workflow from Scope of Appointment, Rx Calculator and Digital Marketing Materials integration as well as telephonic and electronic signature options. You can also use FastApp accessible via Vantage to complete online enrollment with telephonic and electronic signature capabilities.

After a fully compliant sales presentation, encourage clients to enroll themselves with Digital Marketing Materials. Send up three plans to let clients compare them side by side.

Earn an additional 30 Reach Rewards** points on top of the enrollment points when you or your client complete an enrollment using one of Humana’s online tools.

After enrollment

After completing the enrollment, perform a Member Care Assessment to
help Humana understand members’ health needs in a six- to eight-minute
survey. Agents can earn a $50 bonus for every survey completed within
two days of enrollment.

Use the My Humana Business Center
to stay updated on a member’s enrollment status, submit service
inquiries for customer service needs and confirm birthdays so you can
send handwritten birthday cards to your Book of Business.

Use these resources to cultivate and retain your Book of Business all year long:

Keeping digital interactions human

You can still leverage your interpersonal skills whether or not
you’re face-to-face with prospects or clients. Harness your same
listening and empathy skills whether you’re responding to a comment or
message. Figure out what the person needs and how you can help. That’s
what Humana does to make healthcare more human. We want you to help us. Learn more here.

Need more ideas and tactics for virtualizing your sales process? Click here.

*Agents are only permitted to use Facebook with pre-approved Humana
content. Agents must complete the required Social Media Training before
using Facebook or the MRC Social Media Tool. Agents must comply with
Humana’s social media policies and all CMS guidelines when using social

**Applies to eligible Reach Rewards activities. See Reach Rewards terms and conditions for details.

Humana Contracting Services Available Here >> 







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 Earn an additional $50 per customer!

excited to announce our 2021 Special Enrollment Period (SEP) Broker
Bonus. All Cigna Individual and Family Plans appointed brokers are
eligible to earn an additional $50 for each new medical customer
submitted February 15th to March 15th, 2021 and February 8th to March 15th, 2021 in Colorado, once seven new SEP customers have been submitted.

SEP Broker Bonus is in addition to the competitive commissions we pay
on both Open Enrollment and Special Enrollment sales. You can access the
2021 commission schedule for both medical and dental plans in the Broker
Resource Center
on CignaforBrokers.com.

Broker Bonus requirements:

Bonus is based on new sales submitted, February 15th to March 15th and February 8th to March 15th in Colorado. Customers must pay initial payment and be in active status to qualify.
submit a minimum of seven new SEP customers. At that time, any new
medical sales bonus due will be paid, starting from the first 2021 SEP
application. Customer plan changes do not qualify.
program is based on number of customers submitted at the agent level.
Customer counts will be capped at six customers per policy.
Eligible products include all IFP medical products in all markets.
reserves the right to charge back bonuses if brokers have over 15% of
their membership leave the plan or not maintain continuous coverage for
the first four months of their policy contract.
Cigna will offset any overpayment against other compensation due and payable to producer.
Cigna pays commissions to producers licensed under state insurance laws, and if required by law, appointed with Cigna.  

Get Contracted with Cigna Today:  Cigna Contracting >>

Contact Broker Support at 877.244.6215. The Broker Support team is ready to help and is available Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm (EST).



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Individual Health Plans Commission: New Members: $40 per member.

Effective February 15th, 2021

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Published by Roxanne Anderson, Lauren Hayden, and Chad Houck • Dec 10, 2020

have your leads in hand and your contracts signed, so you’re ready to
sell, right? Well… almost. Did you complete your AHIP certification yet?

the government administers Medicare Advantage plans — and that means
there are rules for selling them. But there’s no need to worry! The
required certifications, such as AHIP training, are in place to help
protect seniors and reward agents who do things the right way.

What’s Required?

quick background, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) formed in
2013 when the Health Insurance Association of America (HIAA) and
American Association of Health Plans (AAHP) merged. AHIP represents nearly 1,300 companies
that offer health insurance to more than 200 million Americans. As a
national trade association in the health insurance industry, AHIP
lobbies to create a more affordable health care system through research
and policy.

In order to sell Medicare Advantage plans during the
Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), most insurers require completion of
AHIP’s Medicare training courses. Insurers generally require AHIP to
assure that agents selling their plans are compliant with the latest CMS
guidelines and regulations.

AHIP Training is in place to help protect seniors and reward agents who do things the right way.

How Do You Get AHIP Certified?

AHIP 2021 certification is available on the AHIP website. The certification consists of two courses: Medicare and Fraud, Waste & Abuse (FWA).

AHIP Medicare training covers the basics of eligibility and benefits,
along with the different types of Medicare Advantage and Part D
prescription drug plans. Teaching compliance with the marketing
guidelines and proper enrollment procedure is an important part of this

FWA training covers industry efforts and tools to detect
fraud in the Medicare program. The federal government takes fraud very
seriously. This training educates you on the human and financial cost of
FWA, as well as the proper reporting techniques.

Most Medicare
Advantage insurers require their own product certifications in addition
to AHIP. These vary from carrier to carrier and focus on that insurer’s
specific plans. Agents can complete these certifications through
carriers’ broker portals. You can learn more about your carriers’
product-specific trainings through Ritter’s Certification Center. (You must be logged in to RitterIM.com to view Ritter Docs and other resources mentioned in this article.)

Tips from Ritter on AHIP Training

didn’t mention it yet, but AHIP isn’t free. Typically, the AHIP
certification test costs $175, but many carriers offer a discounted rate
of $125 if you take the exam through their agent portals. Keep checking
Ritter’s carrier pages for information on which carriers will offer AHIP discounts.

The AHIP test costs $175, but you can get a discount if you take the exam through carrier portals.

Finally, there are dozens of self-study AHIP courses,
all geared towards educating and improving the quality of agents in the
marketplace. There is a time limit on the exam, but if you finish these
courses before taking the test, things will be much simpler.

your AHIP certification should never be what holds you back from
selling Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans. In fact,
completing the AHIP certification is what separates quality agents like
you from the others! Stay tuned to Ritter’s Certification Center for 2021 certification information as it becomes available.


it’s your first time or your fifth, completing the annual AHIP
certification is important for licensed insurance agents selling
Medicare plans. We’ll answer some frequently asked questions about AHIP

Do I need to pass AHIP if I already passed last year?

Since plans and regulations change year to year, you must pass the test
annually in order to sell.
The good news is you’re already at an advantage if you passed last year,
because you’ve proven to have a good foundational knowledge of Medicare

Note: Many carriers require agents
to continue certifying with them to receive renewal commissions. AHIP is
oftentimes part of carriers’ certification requirements.

Do I need to complete the AHIP training review questions?

New and returning agents must complete all review questions, at the end
of the training modules, before taking the AHIP final exam. How you do
with answering the review questions will not affect your score on the
final exam.

How many attempts at the AHIP test do I get?

Three. If you fail three times, you can re-enroll and purchase another set of three attempts; however,
many carriers will not accept three failures in a given year and
prohibit you from selling their product during that plan year.

How long must I take between failed attempts?

It depends. There’s no set time you need to wait before trying the AHIP test again.

you fall just below the passing threshold and feel confident in your
knowledge, you can give it another go immediately. If you miss the mark
by more than a few points, we’d recommend taking more time to study
before your second or third attempt.

Do I have to take AHIP directly through their website?

If a carrier offers AHIP certification through their broker portal,
you’ll be directed to a customized AHIP page for that carrier. In many
cases, certifying through a carrier’s broker portal will give you a
discount off your AHIP training that you wouldn’t receive by going
directly through AHIPMedicareTraining.com.

How much does AHIP cost?

It costs $175 to take the 2021 AHIP certification test.

Can I get an AHIP certification discount?

Many carriers offer discounts on AHIP if you take the test through
their broker portal. For 2021 certification, many carriers offer $50 off
the $175 price. Additionally, some carriers are offering full AHIP
reimbursement as a production incentive. Talk to your Ritter representative to contract with a carrier who offers AHIP incentives.

Is it possible to get $125 AHIP reimbursement?

YES! Ritter Insurance Marketing
offered a $125 AHIP reimbursement incentive for the 2021 plan year. If
you contracted with select carriers within seven days of attending a
designated webinar of theirs this past summer, you could have qualified
for $125 AHIP reimbursement!* Stay tuned for more information on
incentives for 2022! For more on this incentive, its eligibility
requirements, and qualifying carriers, webinars, and meetings, contact
your Ritter representative!

had to be level 4, direct to Ritter, and had to pass AHIP and provide a
receipt of purchase and certificate of completion for AHIP
certification. Disbursement only occurs following carrier confirmation
that the agent is “ready-to-sell.” Only one $125 reimbursement per a
single agent per year. All payments should be disbursed to qualifying
agents after January 1, 2022. Ritter is solely responsible for the
distribution of the $125 reimbursement.

Is there a deadline to pass AHIP to sell in 2021?

Technically, yes. Passing AHIP is the initial step to completing most carrier certifications,
so you won’t be “ready to sell” any MA plans until you do so. The 2021
AHIP course will eventually be replaced with 2022’s early next summer.

Is AHIP an open-book test?

Yes. You can print the training modules and use your notes while taking the test.

Is AHIP a timed test?

The final exam is 50 questions, and agents have two hours to complete
it. The training modules for each section before the final exam are not
timed and may take a few hours to get through if it’s your first time
reading them.

What score do I need to pass?

90 percent. If you get a higher AHIP score, that’s great!

How much should I prepare?

It depends.
If you’ve passed the AHIP exam before, you should be well-prepared to
take it again. That’s the point of certifying in the first place — to
become an expert!

If you’re a first-timer, don’t hesitate to set
aside a week to prepare using the training modules. Medicare is a
complex topic for all of us, and you want to be the most knowledgeable
agent, right?

Advice for Passing AHIP

if you’ve taken the AHIP exam in the past, it never hurts to be
prepared. Try using some of these tips to help you pass the test!

Make Sure You Study and Take Notes

recommend using AHIP training modules and taking practice tests. Even
if you think you know everything from passing it before, think again. A
refresher can never hurt, but failing the test just might! When you
study and prepare for the exam, engage yourself. Take notes and create
your own studying system. You could even have a friend or family member
quiz you to make sure you’re retaining the information. While the AHIP
exam is an open-book test, it is timed. Therefore, it’s a good idea to
have thorough notes, but make sure you’re very familiar with them.

Utilize Technology

great way to cut down on time when searching for answers is to take
advantage of technology. Have tabs open ahead of time that you’ll want
to look at during the exam. You can also use split screens, or open a
document and then size it to take up only part of your screen so you can
look at multiple items at once. If your notes are in a Word document,
try using Ctrl + F to find specific keywords or phrases to quickly jump
to the section you’re looking for.

Ease Your Mind

knowing the material is imperative to passing the test, there are other
factors that can contribute to you either passing or failing. Be sure
to get a good night’s sleep the day before the test. Find a spot to take
the test with little to no distractions. Grab some water and a snack
and don’t forget to have a positive mindset. A confident, optimistic
attitude can go a long way!

For more strategies, tips, and tricks, check out our all-in-one Agent book of business and back office at MyAdmin by Agility: CREATE ACCOUNT >>

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