We’re on a mission to make sure your clients, get the most out of their Oscar plan. That’s why we’re shining the spotlight on the Oscar Essentials this month. And, first up is account creation!

With an Oscar account, your clients can take control of their healthcare experience like never before. Imagine being able to search for in-network care, select a primary care physician (PCP), refill prescriptions with ease, and even pay bills with just a few clicks. The possibilities are endless!

So, how can you help your clients take advantage of these amazing benefits? It’s easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your Book of Business

  2. Select a client and click on the “Engagement” tab on the right-hand side

  3. View your member engagement checklist

  4. Select account creation

  5. Send an email by clicking on the “Email client tutorials” button

  6. Hit “task complete”

  7. Repeat for each of your clients.

Don’t let your clients miss out on the essential benefits of their Oscar plan. Get started today and help them unlock the power of Oscar!

Why do thousands of agents enjoy being part of the Agility family so much? Find out here!

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excited to let you know that Mulberry Insurance Agency, an Oscar
brokerage subsidiary, is now partnering with National General Accident
& Health (NatGen) to sell NatGen Select Dental PPO and Plan Enhancer
coverage solutions.


* This partnership demonstrates our commitment to
helping you give your clients – Oscar members and non-Oscar members
alike – an enhanced health care experience that they’ll love and thank
you for.

Already selling NatGen plans? That’s great! You will not
be required to change the way you’re currently selling NatGen plans, and
there will be no changes to your appointment or how you are paid
commissions on those plans. We’re just letting you know that you can now
sell NatGen plans right from your Oscar Broker Account in just five
easy steps:

Sign into your Oscar Broker Account

  • Click on the “Sell supplemental plans” button
  • Click on the ‘Go to National General’ button

next page will be a login page that will automatically input your NPN. 

Note: If you see an error that says ‘NPN not found’, then click the
‘Create Account’ button to create an account and Start selling! You can return to your Oscar Broker Account at any time to use the same unique link to quote and sell.



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Today, Oscar Health announced that it is expanding its network in San Antonio and El Paso to incorporate the HCA hospital system. www.hioscar.com

Effective immediately, Oscar’s network will now include the Methodist hospital system in San Antonio and the Las Palmas del Sol hospital system in El Paso, which will add nine hospitals and 260 providers to our network.

Over the coming months, the Oscar provider network will expand to include even more of HCA’s affiliated physicians, and members will still have access to Tenet facilities, Baptist and the Hospitals of Providence, and providers.

Agents can now find this update reflected in Oscar’s provider search tool which details all in-network providers and locations across the service area. Click below to download and share Oscar’s updated network documents.

While you’re here make sure you have all your Contracting with Oscar Health in place!
Source: Oscar Broker Team Email, 07/07/2021: “Oscar in TX | We’re expanding our network! 

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Oscar Health extended your Florida broker bonus eligibility AGAIN! We’re extending your Florida broker bonus eligibility through June 1st, 2021 to align with the federal SEP time frame, so there’s even more time to hit the next tier of your Oscar bonus!

Every individual and family member, you’ve enrolled through a 6/1
effective date whose premiums have been paid through June, will
contribute to a potential uncapped bonus on top of your commission. See below for our bonus rates and click to learn more about our updated bonus program. 


Get Contracted with Oscar Today:  OSCAR CONTRACTING >>

Learn more

2021 Florida Bonus Structure

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Our 2021 bonus program rewards you for going big!

Every new and renewing individual and family member you enroll for January 1st, 2021 through June 1st, 2021 effective dates will contribute to a potential one- time bonus on top of your commission.

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