As a health insurance agent, you are in the unique position of being able to make a difference in the lives of the underserved. There is no shortage of these communities around the globe. But many of these communities in need of service are right here in your backyard

Who are the underserved communities that need your help?

The African American community is a great example of an underserved community in need of aid from healthcare agents. Healthcare literacy is significantly lower in African American communities. 

  • Hispanic populations also need more attention and healthcare access. 

  • Indigenous groups such as Alaskan natives, and other Native American groups, deserve more outreach and aid in this post-pandemic world. 

  • Another minority in need? Asian and Pacific Islander populations need further assistance from agents such as yourself. 

  • Rural and LGBTQ+ communities also tend to suffer, left out in the cold by many healthcare services and other government aid programs. 

Outreach and Enrollment Strategies you can use

So, what can you do to help with this dilemma, educate these communities, and assist individuals and families in making the most of the ACA (Obamacare)?

  1. Make yourself accessible to these communities if any questions or concerns arise.

  2. At community events, market yourself as a health insurance agent who is specifically available to the underserved demographic.

  3. Make your social media channels a resource to these communities.

  4. Partner with organizations that already exist to serve these communities.

Are you ACA contracted and ready to start assisting consumers to get enrolled in health insurance? 

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It’s finally here… Molina has announced their 2022 market expansions!

Follow the link below to view all the available service areas for Molina including their existing Footprint and their New Expansion Counties.

Click here to view the full PDF breakdown of state maps and new expansion counties >


And don’t forget about your Molina ACA contracting!

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Members who received Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UIB) any week in
2021 can now take advantage of additional APTC and Cost-Sharing
Reductions (CSR). 

Please review the communication below from Covered
California for detailed information. 

Make sure you have your Carrier Contracting for ACA Sales & Medicare Sales!

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We all win with Flexible Choice Dental, Vision & Hearing.

When you sell our new Flexible Choice Dental, Vision & Hearing product, you win extra rewards, and our customers win excellent coverage.


$50 bonus per issued Flexible Choice Dental, Vision & Hearing application or

$75 per issued Flexible Choice Dental, Vision & Hearing plan when sold with an issued Medicare Supplement plan to the same customer through the end of 2021.

Thank you for your partnership on launching this exciting new product! 


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Be More Than Ready When Plan Year 2022 Training Starts on 6.21.21

Plan year 2022 Medicare + Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (MFWA) training will launch in just a few weeks. To be more than ready to start the course that will help you learn, achieve, succeed, and grow your business, take time to explore all the benefits of AHIP’s acclaimed MFWA program. There are so many reasons why the most widely recognized MFWA training is now an even better choice.

Explore AHIP’s New MFWA Training Platform


Recently, AHIP launched an entirely
new MFWA platform.* The program now “lives” on an interactive platform that
delivers an unsurpassed user experience, including:

  • Streamlined site navigation that’s even easier and more seamless
  • Enhanced mobile-friendly technology
  • Easy language changing: Switch
    between English and Spanish any time
  • Elevated security functions
  • And much more

Choose The Training Agents And Brokers Prefer

For more
than five decades, AHIP training has been the gold standard for helping professionals
learn, achieve, and succeed. That includes to AHIP’s

online training
This one-stop program offers unsurpassed value and excellence:

  • It’s the health insurance industry’s
    most widely recognized MFWA training.
  • CMS-compliant training, updated annually for accuracy and relevance.
  • Transparent course fees. No hidden costs. No surprises later.
  • Maximum efficiency. A
    single portal makes it easy to send your training scores to multiple health insurance providers.
  • Engaging content that does more
    than meet CMS requirements. It helps you exceed your goals.
  • Need CE credits? They’re available in all states.

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Features & Program Eligibility: At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX), one of our key goals is to deliver excellent health care benefit plans to our customers. 

For more than 90 years, we have reached that goal by focusing on our customers and providing them with health benefit plan options that are reliable, innovative and affordable.

Features of the bonus program include:

• Rewards for new sales and renewals of group medical benefit plans
• Recognition for new sales or renewals of RX* lines of business when sold with medical coverage
• NEW! An independent program that recognizes Stop Loss lines of business
• NEW! An enhanced program that recognizes ancillary lines of business

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