Ambetter plans to expand access to their value network in Florida. Starting January 1, 2023, Ambetter Value plan members can access providers in the below list for all medical needs.

  • Cano Health Medical Centers

  • Centrum Medical Center

  • Fox Medical Center

  • IMC Health Medical Centers

  • MedFlorida Medical Center

  • UniVida Medical Center

Community Medical Group is currently the main provider for the Ambetter Value Network.

Ambetter Value plans are available in: Broward, Clay, Duval, Hillsborough, Lake, Miami-Dade, Orange, Osceola, Palm Beach, Pasco and Seminole counties.

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Humana Medicare now offers unlimited ways to earn bonuses, thanks to their new Supplement Bonus that provides benefits to both you and your consumers. 

Check out the terms and conditions below: 

Issued cases must be specific to Humana Achieve Medicare Supplement Plans. Application must be approved and policy active for 60 days or date bonus will be paid. Program period runs from 10/1/2022 to 12/31/2022. Qualification is evaluated by calendar month and will be paid according to each individual month. 

Integrity Marketing Group (INTEGRITY) has the exclusive right to change the qualifications and/or rules for this program at any time, including cancellation. All decisions by INTEGRITY regarding program and/or its cancellation are final. Humana has no obligation to sponsor or pay any of the costs of the program for any qualifying participant related to this program. 

Any payments related to this incentive program will be administered by Integrity Marketing Group. *Excludes Guaranteed Issued and underage disability cases except for certain states. Guaranteed Issued cases in IN, SC, TN, and WI will be paid according to individual state commission guidelines. G(HD) plans excluded from this bonus offer. Agent must be actively contracted and appointed with Humana and remain in good standing with Humana throughout the duration of the contest period. Agent may be obligated to disclose compensation to clients and prospective clients. Because state laws vary, agents should be aware of and comply with applicable state compensation disclosure requirements. Reporting of compensation from this incentive program and tax implications of this incentive program are the responsibility of the agent. Except as expressly modified herein, all provisions of the Humana Producer Contract and the Humana Individual Products Producer Partnership Plan (PPP) apply to this incentive program.


Are you contracted yet with Humana Medicare? If not, this might be the sign to get started! 

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It is not uncommon for companies to receive praise for their customer service, and Aetna is no exception. Aetna is a healthcare company that provides a variety of services, including insurance coverage for medical, dental, and prescription drugs. Many customers have reported positive experiences with Aetna’s customer service, praising the company for its helpful and knowledgeable representatives, as well as its convenient and user-friendly website and mobile app. If you are considering getting contracted with Aetna, the stellar praise from customer reviews and ratings should give you an idea of how easy Aetna is to work with.

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There are several ways to increase your focus and productivity. Here are a few suggestions to launch your next work session. Following these steps will ensure that you are maximizing your time and energy to get the best result possible as an employee or as a small business owner:

  1. Set clear goals and priorities for your tasks and activities. This will help you stay focused and avoid distractions.
  2. Create a conducive work environment. Find a quiet and comfortable place to work, and minimize distractions such as noise and interruptions.
  3. Take regular breaks. Working for long periods of time without a break can lead to burnout and decreased productivity. Take a few minutes to stretch, grab a snack, or take a walk to refresh your mind and body.
  4. Avoid multitasking. Research has shown that multitasking can actually decrease productivity and impair cognitive function. Instead, focus on completing one task at a time.
  5. Stay organized. Use a planner or to-do list to manage your tasks and deadlines. This can help you stay on track and avoid last-minute rushes.
  6. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can impair your cognitive function, including your ability to focus and be productive. Make sure to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night.
  7. Exercise regularly. Regular exercise can improve your physical and mental health, and can also increase your focus and productivity.
  8. Reduce your caffeine intake. While caffeine can provide a temporary energy boost, it can also lead to anxiety and restlessness, which can impair your focus and productivity. Try to limit your caffeine intake to the morning hours, or switch to decaf in the afternoon.
  9. Try using mindfulness and meditation techniques. These practices can help you improve your focus, reduce stress, and increase your overall well-being.
  10. Consider using productivity tools and apps. There are many tools and apps available that can help you manage your time and tasks, stay organized, and improve your focus and productivity. Some examples include to-do list apps, time-tracking tools, and project management software.

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As an insurance agent, you may have a certain goal to reach, and you wonder how you can come close to meeting that goal. There are some tried-and-true ways to step up your marketing game. Start learning now so when open enrollment rolls around next year, you will be ready.

Stay up-to-date

One way to increase your Medicare sales is to stay up-to-date on the latest Medicare regulations and policies. This will not only help you provide accurate information to potential clients, but also make it easier to identify potential sales opportunities.

Build relationships with your clients

Another way to increase your Medicare sales is to build relationships with your clients. This can be done by providing personalized service and being a reliable source of information for your clients. By building trust with your clients, you will be more likely to retain their business and potentially generate referrals.

Educate your clients on the options available to them

In addition to building relationships, it is important to educate your clients about the different Medicare options available to them. This can help them make informed decisions and will also increase the likelihood of them purchasing a policy from you. You can do this through one-on-one meetings, group presentations, or informative seminars.

Research and target specific groups

Another effective way to increase your Medicare sales? Target specific groups of individuals who are likely to be in need of Medicare coverage. For example, you may want to focus on individuals who are approaching retirement age or those who have recently lost their employer-sponsored health insurance. By targeting specific groups, you can tailor your sales approach to their needs. Subsequently, you increase the likelihood they will purchase a policy from you.

Utilize social media

Additionally, using social media and other online platforms can be a great way to reach potential clients and promote your services. You can use these platforms to share educational content, answer frequently asked questions, and provide updates on changes to Medicare regulations. This can help you establish yourself as a trusted source of information and increase your visibility in the marketplace.

Increasing your Medicare sales as an insurance agent requires staying up-to-date on industry developments, as well as building relationships with clients and educating them. You should make time to target specific groups, and use online platforms to promote your services. By implementing these strategies, you can increase your sales and grow your business.

If you plan to sell Medicare insurance, Agility Insurance Services has a broad network of insurance providers to get contracted with:

UnitedHealthcare Medicare (MAPD + PDP + Medigap)

Humana Medicare (MAPD + PDP)

Aetna Medicare (MAPD + PDP)

Aetna Senior Supplemental (Medigap)

Devoted Health (MAPD)

Wellcare (MAPD + PDP)

Cigna Medicare (MAPD)

Cigna Supplemental Benefits (Medigap)

BCBS of Texas (MAPD + Medigap)

Oscar Health (MAPD)

Molina Medicare (MAPD)

Amerigroup (MAPD)

Care N’ Care (MAPD)


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 Molina Marketplace is excited to announce their 2023 bonus program!  Earn up to an extra $50 per newly enrolled member for 2023 Molina Marketplace plans or for your renewing 2022 members.

This is a one time payment that applies to both open enrollment and special enrollment sales.  Read the full details here.

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As an agent, you’ll run into situations where you may need to verify the income and immigration status of your clients. You will need to do so in order to properly enroll these individuals or families in ACA health insurance coverage. Consider this a checklist to go through when starting the enrollment process with new clients to verify they have the correct identification and documentation.

What documents can be used to verify immigration status?

Clients need to have at least one of the following types of documentation to verify their immigration status. In best-case scenarios, these clients will have an alien number as well:

  • Permanent Resident Card, “Green Card” (I-551)
  • Reentry Permit (I-327)
  • Refugee Travel Document (I-571)
  • Employment Authorization Document (I-766)
  • Machine Readable Immigrant Visa (with temporary I-551 language)
  • Temporary I-551 Stamp (on passport or I-94/I-94A)
  • Arrival/Departure Record (I-94/I-94A)
  • Arrival/Departure Record in foreign passport (I-94)
  • Foreign Passport
  • Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status (I-20)
  • Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status (DS2019)
  • Notice of Action (I-797)
  • Document indicating membership in a federally recognized Indian tribe or American Indian born in Canada
  • Certification from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR)
  • Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) eligibility letter (if under 18)
  • Alien number (also called alien registration number or USCIS number) or I-94 number
  • What documents can be used to verify income?
  • Clients will need documents that show their income and financial status if the information submitted on the Marketplace does not pass verification. So, you will need to receive at least one of the following income verification documents from your client:
  • 1040 federal or state tax return
  • Wages and tax statement (W-2 and/ or 1099, including 1099-MISC, 1099-G, 1099-R, SSA-1099, 1099-DIV, 1099-S, 1099-INT)
  • Pay stub
  • Self-employment ledger documentation (can be a Schedule C, the most recent quarterly or year-to-date profit and loss statement, or a self-employment ledger)
  • Social Security Administration Statements (Social Security Benefits Letter)
  • Unemployment Benefits Letter

Learn more about ACA contracting so you can be the best agent you can be this open enrollment period.

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As a health insurance agent, you are in the unique position of being able to make a difference in the lives of the underserved. There is no shortage of these communities around the globe. But many of these communities in need of service are right here in your backyard

Who are the underserved communities that need your help?

The African American community is a great example of an underserved community in need of aid from healthcare agents. Healthcare literacy is significantly lower in African American communities. 

  • Hispanic populations also need more attention and healthcare access. 

  • Indigenous groups such as Alaskan natives, and other Native American groups, deserve more outreach and aid in this post-pandemic world. 

  • Another minority in need? Asian and Pacific Islander populations need further assistance from agents such as yourself. 

  • Rural and LGBTQ+ communities also tend to suffer, left out in the cold by many healthcare services and other government aid programs. 

Outreach and Enrollment Strategies you can use

So, what can you do to help with this dilemma, educate these communities, and assist individuals and families in making the most of the ACA (Obamacare)?

  1. Make yourself accessible to these communities if any questions or concerns arise.

  2. At community events, market yourself as a health insurance agent who is specifically available to the underserved demographic.

  3. Make your social media channels a resource to these communities.

  4. Partner with organizations that already exist to serve these communities.

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 By: Michelle M. Saavedra

The most wonderful time of the year is here! We can expect to see Christmas decorations just about everywhere. And don’t get me started on the unofficial holiday song that was released back in 1994 (yes, we are talking about Mariah Carey’s single: “All I want for Christmas is you”). Overall, the holiday season seems to bring joy and family unity around the world. But how is this fact going to help you sell more health insurance?

Agility Agents have learned from us that incorporating trending themes into their online content strategy plan will help them achieve their marketing goals. But before creating any type of content, insurance agents must be able to identify the key traits that characterize their ideal audience. Let’s say that your ideal client likes to listen to carol singers during the holidays, as a content creator, you could potentially create your very own festive song that describes your business and all the services you provide (health insurance, life insurance, etc.). We understand that this process can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting to create content for the first time. Since we want YOU to succeed, we’ve taken the time to identify 5 content pieces that you’ll be able to recreate for the month of December.

1) Happy Holidays!

During the month of December, people are more likely to share their traditions and religious beliefs on social media. Now you’re probably wondering: Should Insurance Agents share their traditions as well? It depends! If you know that 90% of your audience shares the same values as you, then it wouldn’t hurt to share them online. BUT if you have an audience that is more divided, then we recommend utilizing our FREE Happy Holidays Social Media Template. The GIF we created highlights different holiday traditions and family dynamics. If you’re utilizing this specific social media template, we also recommend adding the following caption to your post:

Happy Holidays! Remember, you have until the end of the year to update your health insurance plan. DM or text me at (Add your phone number) to get a FREE quote today!

2) National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day (December 16)

Did you know: The Ugly Christmas Sweater tradition apparently started in the 50’s! “They were first known as “Jingle Bell Sweaters” and featured discrete Christmas themed decorations. The original ugly Christmas sweaters were never intended to be “ugly” , they were actually pretty artistic and joyful”- Placeit by Envato.

Nowadays, people try to purposely wear the ugliest sweater they can find to gain instant gratification from their peers. This would also explain why there is now an official date to celebrate this tradition. Insurance Agents could join this trend by potentially buying or creating their very own ugly sweater and sharing images of it online. If you’re having difficulty coming up with a concept for this day, then we recommend utilizing our National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day Social Media Template.

3) Christmas Gift Ideas

Click here to get FREE access to the Christmas Gift Ideas Social Media Template!

During the holidays it is common to see brands and influencers predict what would be the top 10 Christmas gifts for the current year. Many individuals will end up buying those specific items because they were sponsored by someone or an entity that they considered trustworthy. Insurance Agents should take this opportunity to explain that enrolling a spouse (and even their children) on a 2023 health insurance plan is not just a gift, but a necessity.  With our Christmas Gift Ideas Social Media Template, Agility Agents will not only share gift ideas, but they will deliver a clear-cut message that will inspire the audience to contact them during the holiday season. 

4)    Christmas Day (December 25)

If you’ve seen the original Home Alone movie, you’ll remember the scene where Macaulay Culkin’s character reunites with his mother (played by Catherine O’Hara) on Christmas day. This was a wholesome scene that portrayed what Christmas Day is all about: family unity. Insurance Agents will probably share online an image of their family standing in front of their Christmas tree. While this act may garner attention from your followers, it won’t necessarily boost your sales. If you want to stay on theme this day, we recommend utilizing our Christmas Day Social Media Template.

5) New Year’s Eve (December 31)

This year, December 31st lands on a Saturday. This means that people will have more time to prepare for the festivities and rituals. I would not be surprised if brands created posts about popular New Year’s Eve rituals, like eating a dozen grapes at midnight or running around the street with a suitcase. Some people might even go to social media to share a video of the fireworks they captured outside their balcony. But Agility Agents will capitalize on this moment by sharing our New Year’s Eve Social Media Template.  

We hope that our blog has helped you jumpstart your content calendar plan for the month of December. Remember to be on the lookout for next month’s social media tips and tricks.

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