2022 Broker Bonus Program

Earn up to $100 per member for NEW and RENEWING Bright HealthCare Individual and Family Plan members in Florida enrolled by December 31, 2021. Must have a minimum of 25 Bright HealthCare members sold in Florida to qualify. The 2022 Broker Bonus Program will be paid in April 2022.

2022 Broker Bonus Program in Florida – New and Renewed Members 

  • 25-249 — $50 per member 

  • 250-499 — $75 per member 

  • 500+ — $100 per member 

The 2022 Broker Bonus Program is applicable to all new and renewed Individual and Family Plan members that you enroll in Florida by December 31 with an effective date of January 1, 2022. Members must be effectuated and not in grace period with a paid premium through March 2022 with no lapse in coverage. This program is intended for broker participation only. This bonus program is in addition to our Early Bonus Blitz. 

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