Cigna just released a new Broker Bonus Schedule. You will be eligible for this new plan if you are contracted with Cigna and eligible for these broker bonuses.
The program rules are as follows:
  • Bonus is based on new sales submitted during Open Enrollment, 11/1/2022–1/15/2023; customers with a 1/1/2023
    effective date must make initial payment prior to 1/31/2023 and customers with a 2/1/2023 effective date must
    make initial payment prior to 2/28/2023 qualify. 
  • Bonus program is based on number of members submitted. Enrollments on each of the two bonus programs
    will be aggregated separately. Member counts will be capped at six members per policy. 
  • 2023 Open Enrollment policies must be in effect and paid for a minimum of three months in order to be paid
    the one-time bonus payment: 3/31/2023 for 1/1/2023 effectives and 4/29/2023 for 2/1/2023 effectives. 
  • Eligible products include all IFP medical products in AZ, CO, FL, GA, IN, MS, NC, SC, TN, TX and VA. 
  • Cigna will offset any overpayment against other compensation due and payable to producer.

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