UnitedHealthcare Exchange plans (ACA plans)

Affordable, reliable, easy ACA coverage options for your clients

UnitedHealthcare is offering Exchange plans designed to help save you money on the federal marketplace
and other state-based marketplaces. Backed by our 30 years of
experience, these Exchange plans are Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans
(also called Marketplace plans or Obamacare) and are available in
Bronze, Silver or Gold levels. 


The coverage they need. The price they deserve. Your health clients can now benefit from UnitedHealthcare’s ACA plans:

$0 virtual visits*

Get the urgent care you need in 15 minutes or less, usually, with three virtual visits at no additional cost to you.

$0 preventive care*

Don’t pay more for needed preventive care. These plans offer it at no additional cost.

Low-cost prescriptions*

Save money with $0 co-pays on
preventive drugs and the ability to get your prescriptions conveniently
at many locations, including Walgreens and Walmart.


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